Welcome to my portfolio. This is a montage of projects I've worked on over the years. 

I've consulted startups on how to refine their marketing prowess in order to grow their business, ghost written for clients who want support finding their voice, organized events to help like-minded people find each other and collaborate, analyzed German immigration policy, reported on European trade policy, and developed digital and traditional communications strategies for political campaigns seeking to inspire their community. 

Through all of this, my thread of meaning rests within the desire to help clients shape policy, tell their stories, and leverage their expertise to gain influence within the markets they serve. I enjoy bringing unique voices to the fore and collaborating with those who seek to enact real, meaningful change. 

Writing, communications, and strategy are my forte, and I take a service-minded approach to all that I do. Please take a look around. If you think my style suits your business needs, don't be shy - say hello!